• Know the prices of the competitors and calculate them correctly!

    Know the prices of the competitors and calculate them correctly!

Systematically establishing and cultivating customer relations is vital to business success.

We can support you in achieving this by ...

  • investigating what motivates customers
  • analysing how prospective customers obtain information and make their decisions
  • reconstructing the customer decision journey leading to the purchase of a vehicle or the choice of a workshop
  • analysing defection of customers to competitors


  • Car driver survey

    BBE Automotive conducts ongoing representative surveys of car drivers on topical, car-related issues. The surveys reflect a representative cross-section of the car parc, or can alternatively focus on specific target groups (such as people planning on buying a new car, or drivers of a certain car brand). The survey is conducted by telephone from our own call centre or online through established panel partners. Image and video material, as well as special survey software (e.g. Conjoint, MaxDiff), can also be integrated within the scope of online surveys. Long-running tracking studies give BBE Automotive access to reliable time series on key automotive aspects, as well as to insights on current issues.

  • Advertising tests

    Advertising pre-tests: We test the potential of your concepts and the conceptual design of your campaign, giving precise answers to questions relevant to your decision:

    • does the campaign convey the desired message?
    • could anything be misunderstood, are there any reservations or barriers?
    • does the campaign enhance the image and value of the brand?
    • does the advertising create an incentive to visit the shop or make a purchase?

    The pre-test can be conducted as an interview or alternatively in the form of a group discussion to enable intensive, in-depth consideration of the conceptual design of the campaign and its details. As the results of our pre-tests are available within a few working days, they can easily be integrated into the ongoing campaign planning, even shortly prior to the start of the campaign. On the basis of the pre-test results, the most promising concept is selected for implementation. Proposals for optimization are developed in order to ensure that your campaign achieves its maximum impact.

    Advertising post-tests: We test whether your campaign was effective. By surveying the relevant target group (such as people planning on buying a new car, or drivers of a certain car brand), we measure to what extent your advertising was able to assert itself and its degree of communicative performance. The survey is conducted by telephone from our own call centre or online through established panel partners. This enables us to answer crucial questions: Was the advertising perceived at all? Which elements of the campaign lodged themselves in peoples’ minds, and which didn’t? Did the central message come across? Are there any suggestions for improvement? Does the advertising match the brand? Does it come across as being likeable? Does it provide an incentive to visit the shop or make a purchase? Was the success of the advertising efficient?

  • Car configurator analyses

    When it comes to buying a new vehicle, the internet and car configurators constitute a significant starting point. Car configurator analyses therefore provide valuable insight into information and buying habits. BBE Automotive can draw on longstanding experience in the field of car configurator analyses, including linking the vehicle configuration with a web survey to ascertain background characteristics on the profile of the prospect and on further requirements and suggestions. By this means, customer segments can be determined with their own selection and preference patterns, as well as their relevant set, competitive environment and their price sensitivity.

  • Customer journey analyses

    BBE Automotive carries out detailed analyses of the information, decision-making and buying habits of customers. The BBE approach to customer journey analysis enables the decision-making journey involved in buying a vehicle or choosing a workshop to be described in precise detail. In a qualitative pre-stage (focus groups, in-depth interviews) we explore possible decision-making processes, including what triggers the process and the media used. Building on this, the findings are backed up and extended quantitatively (random sample survey). The customer journey analysis is carried out separately for different target groups in order to establish requirements and processes specific to each individual group. The analyses enable the company to tailor its marketing effectively to match the customer or the relevant customer groups.

  • ‘Why not?’ studies

    Amid fierce competition for customers, not squandering potential when launching a new vehicle model is vital. BBE Automotive conducts surveys among prospective buyers to establish the current status of their purchase decision, the relevant set and competitors. To this end, internal opt-in leads are contacted by telephone or online.

    Our proven “Why not?” tool helps you in quickly finding answers to questions crucial to success:

    • Are prospective buyers of your new model being cultivated successfully?
    • How much potential has not yet been exploited?
    • Who is your strongest rival in competing for custom?
    • Do the dealers actively encourage prospective buyers to test drive the new model?
    • Is the pricing of the new model appropriate?
    • Is the launch communication reaching the target group?


Publications & Links

 logo trend tacho

Kfz-Betrieb driver survey "Trend-Tacho"

BBE Automotive regularly conducts a representative survey among German car drivers on topical, car-related matters. Since 2007 we have been conducting the Trend-Tacho survey in cooperation with the journal kfz-betrieb and the expert organization KÜS. Further information as well as the findings and reports on the individual rounds of the Trend-Tacho survey can be found on the kfz-betrieb website.