• Mystery shopping, away from control, towards motivation!

    Mystery shopping, away from control, towards motivation!

A powerful sales organization is vital if a company is to perform well and generate growth amid fierce competition.

The BBE consultants pinpoint the weak-spots in your sales organization where rapid growth can be achieved with just comparatively small-scale changes.

Our work focuses on:

  • planning and optimizing sales networks
  • monitoring the partners by means of key performance indicators (KPI)
  • optimizing basic processes at the sales partners
  • measures to exploit sales and service potential


  • Sales network programmes
    • Network planning - BBE helps in optimizing your sales network. On the basis of market data we determine the optimum density for your sales network and detail catchment areas.

    • Market potentials – Based on structural data relating to population, car parcs, parts and service potentials and competitive density, we calculate detailed potentials for certain regions or market areas..

    • Dealer search – We help you find companies which match your brand and close gaps in your network. The modular BBE dealer search programme covers all stages in the process, from region analysis and evaluation and selection of suitable dealers, right through to accompanying and supporting applicants in their reorganization..

    • Auditing / Certification – Our team of auditors and examiners audits entire networks with regard to contractual criteria, and checks whether sales and service quality standards are being observed and implemented.

  • Monitoring programmes
    • KPI analyses and KPI cockpits – Together we develop key performance indicator systems enabling a good overall view of the network performance. The systems are tailored individually to suit your specific requirements.

    • BBE Pro(fit) management report (intercompany comparison) – Besides comparing different car and motorcycle dealer networks, BBE Automotive has for many years now carried out cross-industry comparisons, for example for the specialist tyre trade. The results are presented via a modern online platform. By integrating business plans and agreed measures, the intercompany comparison becomes a living system.

    • BBE Pro(fit) business plan – Planning is a crucial element in business practice. The BBE consultants offer the trade a proven, three-year planning tool.

    • Rating tool – Trading margins will remain tight for years to come, and dependence on external lenders and bank ratings will follow a rising trend. BBE implements a field-tested programme to counteract this development.

    • Mystery shopping / workshop tests / sales and service tests - BBE tests the advice and service behaviour of your staff by deploying mystery shoppers. We check and test the repair and performance quality of your service partners.

  • Performance programmes
    • BBE Pro(fit) Quick Check – Using proven inspection catalogues, we analyse companies in sales networks. Sales and aftersales processes are investigated, as well as the location, marketing and online fitness of the company. Based on industry experience and benchmark values, quick wins and measures are identified and their implementation accompanied in follow-up appointments.

    • Fleet management - BBE offers support in the focused acquisition of fleet and commercial customers and in cultivating this target group, one which is becoming ever more important for the automotive market.

    • Strategy programmes for business succession - BBE identifies ways for vehicle companies to deal with handing over their business and provides support in terms of the financial, legal and personnel planning involved in this process.

    • Concepts for classic cars – Classic cars present a new field of activity for dealers and workshops to positively influence their image and create new potential for revenue. On the basis of market data, the BBE consultants draw up service potentials and concepts for business with classic cars.