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Address data base with automotive addresses for Europe

We have more than 450.000 up-to-date addresses!

  • Free Workshops
  • Car Dealerships
  • Parts Trading

These are available for both cars and commercial vehicles.

AutoView provides market information in regionalized form.

If your company operates in the motor vehicle industry, then your sales opportunities are out there on the road.

The vehicle parc in your region contains all the data you need for your marketing, sales, distribution and network planning. Gain a deeper insight into this data and recognize your market potential. Then you’ll know what your customers’ requirements are, nationally and regionally.

AutoView gives you

  • flexible geographical analyses
  • potential analyses for your product groups
  • visualization of the results in the form of tables, charts and maps
  • map view with zoom-in and zoom-out in any resolution required
  • individual selection of your regionalized area of analysis in 28 European countries and in selected countries down to postcode level
  • integration of your individual data, e.g. article data
  • the latest data, e.g. vehicle parcs according to age and variants
  • parc data with link-up to TecDoc or individual classification
  • location information and evaluation, e.g. competitor addresses
  • forecast of stock and potential development over the next five years

Our target groups

  • Parts manufacturers
  • Tyre manufacturers
  • Wholesalers and parts retailers
  • Car manufacturers
  • Service providers to the motor vehicle industry such as petrol stations, operators of car wash systems, automobile clubs, leasing companies, banks, insurance companies etc.

Click here for direct access to the AutoView web portal.     logo autoview

Markets and distribution are continually on the move.
This makes profound and far-sighted market information indispensable.


  • process information on the global markets for you
  • calculate the potential of markets, globally and regionally
  • calculate your market shares and those of your competitors
  • analyse the cooperation with your distribution partners
  • develop future scenarios
  • derive opportunities and risks



  • Climate analyses

    We carry out ongoing climate surveys of trade outlets and service companies, based on a detailed random sample plan which is representative of the trade and service level. By means of an established enquiry system the companies are questioned about the current situation and future prospects in the industry and in their own company. The findings of the climate survey are condensed to form an index value of the general business climate. Sub-indices for defined product and service sectors can also be identified. BBE Automotive successfully conducts climate analyses in the parts trade, for authorized and independent workshops and for the specialist tyre trade.

  • Aftermarket-Delphi

    For many years now BBE Automotive has held regular expert discussions on the automotive aftermarket with representatives from industry and commerce in order to determine market trends, market volumes (in terms of units and value) and market shares (IAM share). Founded on a structured guideline, the expert survey takes place in several rounds of interviews so as to give feedback on the opinions voiced by the experts and to enable assessments to be revised. Alternatively this can take place using Delphi software. In a real-time Delphi, questionnaires are filled out online and the responses fed back immediately to the participants, enabling them to revise their input directly.

  • Parts purchasing analyses

    Our analyses on parts purchasing are based on targeted surveys at trade and service level. The interviews are carried out throughout Europe from our own call centre. In an initial stage a detailed random sample plan is drawn up which is representative of the distribution structure. An established survey system then identifies where workshops buy their parts, what is expected of the suppliers, and how high satisfaction with and loyalty to the current suppliers is. In addition, potentials for alternative sources are evaluated.

  • Market share analyses

    Our market share analyses are based on targeted surveys at trade and service level. The interviews are carried out throughout Europe from our own call centre. In an initial stage a detailed random sample plan is drawn up which is representative of the distribution structure. An established survey system then identifies for a defined product sector how the development prospects of individual brands are assessed, which brands are being bought and installed, and how high their sales and installation shares are. A market share can then be calculated for the customer’s own brand and for selected competitor brands. In a supplementary shop visit, the available brands and their share of space can be determined.

  • Future scenarios

    We are living and working in times of rapid transformation and volatile environments. In order to succeed, companies need to be equipped for possible courses of development and their consequences. BBE Automotive employs its own method for developing alternative future scenarios. In compact workshops future scenarios for markets and product sectors are deduced based on up-to-date and well-founded data relating to the market environment and consumer behaviour. These influencing factors are evaluated in terms of relevance and uncertainty. Detailed market scenarios are then developed and visualized on the basis of the so-called critical uncertainties. These scenarios can also incorporate extreme visions of the future. In the following step, specific courses of action for the company are identified, ranging from new business segments through to strategy adjustments.

Publications & Links

We regularly survey the sentiment in various sections of the motor vehicle industry. What is the current state of the market at the car dealers, independent workshops, parts retailers and specialist tyre retailers? How do the market players see the future?



“Kfz-Betrieb” industry index "BIX"                            

On a monthly basis we survey the sentiment among the German car dealers and independent vehicle workshops on behalf of the trade journal “kfz-betrieb”. In addition to the general survey, the participants are questioned in each round about special topics of current interest in the industry. The findings are reported on the journal’s website.


BRVneuBRV tyre index "TIX"                    

Three times a year, BBE conducts a survey among specialist tyre retailers to find out what makes the tyre industry tick and what issues are of current concern to the industry. Each round of the survey also addresses special topical themes relevant to the tyre trade. Further information can be found in the Press section of the BRV website (German Tyre Retailer and Vulcanization Trade Association).



Our studies document selected submarkets of the automotive market in compact form.

Take advantage of our study expertise to improve your marketing and sales decisions.

Our studies

  • Service Potential 2023 - Maintenance and Repair of Cars and LCVs - 2023
    Service Potential 2023 - Maintenance and Repair of Cars and LCVs - 2023
    Service Potential 2023 - Maintenance and Repair of Cars and LCVs - 2023

    BBE Automotive GmbH in Cologne once again surveyed around 15,000 people responsible for maintenance to analyse the service potential in the German market.

    The study includes:

    • Year-on-year data for Germany from 2018 to 2022
    • Vehicle fleets and their age structure
    • Service potential by turnover and number of workshop jobs
    • Analysis of workshop work by location
    • Cost index vehicle segments and car brands

    Weitere Informationen zur Studie...

    Contact: Wolfgang Alfs, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • The Aftermarket for Commercial Vehicles 2022
    The Aftermarket  for  Commercial Vehicles 2022

    BBE Market Analysis of Opportunities and Challenges

    Based on a comprehensive telephone survey and after extensive market analysis, BBE Automotive Cologne presents a study on the aftermarket for commercial vehicles for the third time. The focus is on maintenance and repair work on commercial vehicles, trailers and buses. The study is written in English to follow the increasing international orientation of the industry.

    You can expect:

    • Current figures for 2022
    • Analysis of relevant market developments, influencing factors and trends
    • Insights into the workshop business
    • Aftermarket volume calculations
    • Distribution structures and market participants


    Further information on the study...

    Contact: Wolfgang Alfs, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • The Replacement Market for Tyres in Germany - 2019
    The Replacement Market for Tyres in Germany - 2019
    The German tyre market, storage, retrofitting, brand perception, distribution...

    ... we offer a comprehensive market analysis.

    For the fourth time BBE Automotive GmbH has analysed the German tyre market and published the results in the market analysis "The Replacement Market for Tyres in Germany 2019".

    More information about the study...

    Contact: Wolfgang Alfs, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Car Sharing in Germany - 2015
    Car Sharing in Germany - 2015

    Car Sharing in Germany – A passing fashion or a challenge facing the industry?

    A study conducted jointly by TÜV Rheinland, FSP and BBE Automotive reveals that car sharing will not decisively change the automotive world.



    • What future does car sharing have in Germany?
    • Will car sharing really become big business over the next few years, or will it remain a niche product in the long run?
    • Has owning a car run its course?



    • Detailed analyses of the car sharing providers
    • Research in the relevant online and print sources
    • Own online surveys in towns offering car sharing
    • Analyses of other national surveys on car sharing
    • Surveys among companies providing car sharing services
    • Expert discussions
    • Analysis of the passenger car parc data from the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA)
    • Presentation of the car parc development in metropolitan areas and selected rural areas
    • Analysis of the population data from the Federal Statistical Office of Germany


    Information: Car Sharing in Germany

    Contact: Gerd Heinemann, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • The Aftermarket for CV Components - 2014
    The Aftermarket for CV Components - 2014

    The study “The Aftermarket for CV Components” provides facts, figures and background information. It is available in the 2014 edition.

    The study was compiled jointly by

    • BBE Automotive GmbH and
    • The German Auto Parts Distributor Association (GVA)

    On more than 200 pages we analyse among other aspects

    • the CV parc and its development,
    • market volumes by product group,
    • forecasts on market developments,
    • parts distribution,
    • the significance of online trading,
    • the services provided by workshop concepts.

    In addition to profound data research, an extensive expert survey conducted in industry and commerce forms the basis for the analyses.

    Total length: 239 pages

    Click here for an extract

    Order the study now

    Contact: Wolfgang Alfs, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Other studies in recent years
    Other studies in recent years

    Other studies in recent years:

    • Spain on the way out of the crisis - 2013
    • System comparison of the workshop concepts for the motor vehicle trade - 2009
    • The car body and paint market in Germany - 2007
    • The specialist tyre trade - Quo vadis? – A future study by the BRV (German Tyre Retailer and Vulcanization Trade Association) and BBE - 2005
    • The aftermarket for car components in Germany - 2004


    Studies by abh Market Research GmbH::

    • The replacement market for passenger car tyres D-A-CH - 2013/2014
    • Car wash in Germany - 2007, latest update January 2014
    • Financial products at car dealers - 2013
    • The car market in China - 2012
    • The car market in Russia - 2008, update 2009
    • Willingness to switch car insurance 2005 to 2007 - 2008
    • Filling up in Germany - 2008
    • The car aftermarket in Poland - 2008
    • Oil change in Germany - 2007
    • The customers and their workshop – study in cooperation with TÜV Rheinland - 2006
    • The aftermarket for car components in Germany - 2004


    Interested? Please contact us..

    Contact: Wolfgang Alfs, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Systematically establishing and cultivating customer relations is vital to business success.

We can support you in achieving this by ...

  • investigating what motivates customers
  • analysing how prospective customers obtain information and make their decisions
  • reconstructing the customer decision journey leading to the purchase of a vehicle or the choice of a workshop
  • analysing defection of customers to competitors


  • Car driver survey

    BBE Automotive conducts ongoing representative surveys of car drivers on topical, car-related issues. The surveys reflect a representative cross-section of the car parc, or can alternatively focus on specific target groups (such as people planning on buying a new car, or drivers of a certain car brand). The survey is conducted by telephone from our own call centre or online through established panel partners. Image and video material, as well as special survey software (e.g. Conjoint, MaxDiff), can also be integrated within the scope of online surveys. Long-running tracking studies give BBE Automotive access to reliable time series on key automotive aspects, as well as to insights on current issues.

  • Advertising tests

    Advertising pre-tests: We test the potential of your concepts and the conceptual design of your campaign, giving precise answers to questions relevant to your decision:

    • does the campaign convey the desired message?
    • could anything be misunderstood, are there any reservations or barriers?
    • does the campaign enhance the image and value of the brand?
    • does the advertising create an incentive to visit the shop or make a purchase?

    The pre-test can be conducted as an interview or alternatively in the form of a group discussion to enable intensive, in-depth consideration of the conceptual design of the campaign and its details. As the results of our pre-tests are available within a few working days, they can easily be integrated into the ongoing campaign planning, even shortly prior to the start of the campaign. On the basis of the pre-test results, the most promising concept is selected for implementation. Proposals for optimization are developed in order to ensure that your campaign achieves its maximum impact.

    Advertising post-tests: We test whether your campaign was effective. By surveying the relevant target group (such as people planning on buying a new car, or drivers of a certain car brand), we measure to what extent your advertising was able to assert itself and its degree of communicative performance. The survey is conducted by telephone from our own call centre or online through established panel partners. This enables us to answer crucial questions: Was the advertising perceived at all? Which elements of the campaign lodged themselves in peoples’ minds, and which didn’t? Did the central message come across? Are there any suggestions for improvement? Does the advertising match the brand? Does it come across as being likeable? Does it provide an incentive to visit the shop or make a purchase? Was the success of the advertising efficient?

  • Car configurator analyses

    When it comes to buying a new vehicle, the internet and car configurators constitute a significant starting point. Car configurator analyses therefore provide valuable insight into information and buying habits. BBE Automotive can draw on longstanding experience in the field of car configurator analyses, including linking the vehicle configuration with a web survey to ascertain background characteristics on the profile of the prospect and on further requirements and suggestions. By this means, customer segments can be determined with their own selection and preference patterns, as well as their relevant set, competitive environment and their price sensitivity.

  • Customer journey analyses

    BBE Automotive carries out detailed analyses of the information, decision-making and buying habits of customers. The BBE approach to customer journey analysis enables the decision-making journey involved in buying a vehicle or choosing a workshop to be described in precise detail. In a qualitative pre-stage (focus groups, in-depth interviews) we explore possible decision-making processes, including what triggers the process and the media used. Building on this, the findings are backed up and extended quantitatively (random sample survey). The customer journey analysis is carried out separately for different target groups in order to establish requirements and processes specific to each individual group. The analyses enable the company to tailor its marketing effectively to match the customer or the relevant customer groups.

  • ‘Why not?’ studies

    Amid fierce competition for customers, not squandering potential when launching a new vehicle model is vital. BBE Automotive conducts surveys among prospective buyers to establish the current status of their purchase decision, the relevant set and competitors. To this end, internal opt-in leads are contacted by telephone or online.

    Our proven “Why not?” tool helps you in quickly finding answers to questions crucial to success:

    • Are prospective buyers of your new model being cultivated successfully?
    • How much potential has not yet been exploited?
    • Who is your strongest rival in competing for custom?
    • Do the dealers actively encourage prospective buyers to test drive the new model?
    • Is the pricing of the new model appropriate?
    • Is the launch communication reaching the target group?


Publications & Links

 logo trend tacho

Kfz-Betrieb driver survey "Trend-Tacho"

BBE Automotive regularly conducts a representative survey among German car drivers on topical, car-related matters. Since 2007 we have been conducting the Trend-Tacho survey in cooperation with the journal kfz-betrieb and the expert organization KÜS. Further information as well as the findings and reports on the individual rounds of the Trend-Tacho survey can be found on the kfz-betrieb website.




The price is one of the most important instruments for increasing your business revenue. However, experience shows that leeway as regards pricing is often not used to the full.

Let the BBE consultants help you optimize your pricing. On the basis of thorough analyses, price surveys on the market and our longstanding project experience, we develop best-practice solutions for the swift success of your pricing.

The focus of our work rests on:

  • determining the market price level
  • analysing and optimizing the price organization
  • optimizing the price-finding and price-setting processes
  • reviewing terms and discount systems
  • pushing ahead with implementing the pricing


  • Price monitor

    BBE price surveys create transparency for ensuring that prices are in line with the market. For many years now we have been conducting price enquiries at retailers and in various service channels. Our price analyses cover all European markets, as well as Asia and Latin America.

    Price analyses need to be planned with care. In advance of the analysis, the relevant products or ‘shopping basket’ must be clearly defined and a detailed random sample plan developed so as to representatively reflect the distribution structure. The price enquires are conducted through the BBE call centre by experienced and specially trained interviewers. Should surveys need to be conducted on-site, we use mystery shoppers with longstanding experience in this field. In addition, we have access to a network of established partner institutes. It is important to know that all interviewers are supervised centrally via the BBE call centre and monitored in real time. Prices on online portals are likewise surveyed if this is provided for in the random sample plan. The pricing information is processed into a compact database, with prices and index values listed by brand, region, distribution channel and individually defined criteria.

  • Availability index

    Besides the price index, it is equally important to know whether competition exists on the market and how intense it is.

    BBE can support you in developing company-specific availability indices. We discuss the possible competition levels with you, and demonstrate various calculation methods and their results. Drawing on the price monitor methods and specialists, we collect the relevant data for you.

  • Setting the price

    The price is by far the most important instrument for increasing revenue. BBE Automotive supports you in setting the optimum prices for your products and services. We help you

    • determine what customers are willing to pay for products and services,
    • identify price ranges from the customer’s point of view,
    • establish price thresholds which should not be exceeded or undercut,
    • estimate turnovers and market shares with different price scenarios.
    In doing so we apply the following methods:

    • Gabor Granger,
    • Van Westendorp Price Sensitivity Meter (PSM),
    • Conjoint analyses.

  • Tools for market-oriented pricing

    BBE Automotive can develop and program tools to help you in determining and setting prices. These tools are based on a price formation model which takes into consideration various price-determining factors, from competitive pressure in the product segment through to price sensitivity in the target groups. An integral component of this model is a ‘what-if’ analysis, by which the sales impact of the new pricing can be simulated and estimated. BBE Automotive supports you in setting up the system and in developing pricing guidelines, as well as in tracking the success of the pricing.

A powerful sales organization is vital if a company is to perform well and generate growth amid fierce competition.

The BBE consultants pinpoint the weak-spots in your sales organization where rapid growth can be achieved with just comparatively small-scale changes.

Our work focuses on:

  • planning and optimizing sales networks
  • monitoring the partners by means of key performance indicators (KPI)
  • optimizing basic processes at the sales partners
  • measures to exploit sales and service potential


  • Sales network programmes
    • Network planning - BBE helps in optimizing your sales network. On the basis of market data we determine the optimum density for your sales network and detail catchment areas.

    • Market potentials – Based on structural data relating to population, car parcs, parts and service potentials and competitive density, we calculate detailed potentials for certain regions or market areas..

    • Dealer search – We help you find companies which match your brand and close gaps in your network. The modular BBE dealer search programme covers all stages in the process, from region analysis and evaluation and selection of suitable dealers, right through to accompanying and supporting applicants in their reorganization..

    • Auditing / Certification – Our team of auditors and examiners audits entire networks with regard to contractual criteria, and checks whether sales and service quality standards are being observed and implemented.

  • Monitoring programmes
    • KPI analyses and KPI cockpits – Together we develop key performance indicator systems enabling a good overall view of the network performance. The systems are tailored individually to suit your specific requirements.

    • BBE Pro(fit) management report (intercompany comparison) – Besides comparing different car and motorcycle dealer networks, BBE Automotive has for many years now carried out cross-industry comparisons, for example for the specialist tyre trade. The results are presented via a modern online platform. By integrating business plans and agreed measures, the intercompany comparison becomes a living system.

    • BBE Pro(fit) business plan – Planning is a crucial element in business practice. The BBE consultants offer the trade a proven, three-year planning tool.

    • Rating tool – Trading margins will remain tight for years to come, and dependence on external lenders and bank ratings will follow a rising trend. BBE implements a field-tested programme to counteract this development.

    • Mystery shopping / workshop tests / sales and service tests - BBE tests the advice and service behaviour of your staff by deploying mystery shoppers. We check and test the repair and performance quality of your service partners.

  • Performance programmes
    • BBE Pro(fit) Quick Check – Using proven inspection catalogues, we analyse companies in sales networks. Sales and aftersales processes are investigated, as well as the location, marketing and online fitness of the company. Based on industry experience and benchmark values, quick wins and measures are identified and their implementation accompanied in follow-up appointments.

    • Fleet management - BBE offers support in the focused acquisition of fleet and commercial customers and in cultivating this target group, one which is becoming ever more important for the automotive market.

    • Strategy programmes for business succession - BBE identifies ways for vehicle companies to deal with handing over their business and provides support in terms of the financial, legal and personnel planning involved in this process.

    • Concepts for classic cars – Classic cars present a new field of activity for dealers and workshops to positively influence their image and create new potential for revenue. On the basis of market data, the BBE consultants draw up service potentials and concepts for business with classic cars.

E-mobility, digitalisation, new mobility concepts and sustainable change of core business fields in retail characterise the development in the automotive industry. Business models are changing at all levels, new ideas and solutions are being developed.

This applies to training and coaching as well as to individual support of transformation processes. BBE Automotive is facing these extraordinary industry challenges. In the first half of 2023, BBE Automotive Training & Coaching was transferred to AUTOCON GmbH. With this step we ensure the professional concentration on the Training & Coaching Business. In addition, we ensure the targeted and future-oriented expansion of our portfolio as well as personnel reinforcement by proven automotive experts. Our goal is to support the automotive industry in the best possible way in its transformation with a targeted range of services.

Further Information:  https://autocon.eu/training.html

 (Training) formats

  • Training courses for executives and young professionals

    Are you prepared for commerce and work 4.0.?

    We offer special programmes to build specifically on the management quality in the company and prepare young professionals for management. The learning units deal theoretically and practically (for instance through practical training periods in the company) with everything to do with management: e.g. role and tasks of the manager, staff assignment, corporate and sales management, self-management etc.

    In the executive training courses we draw on the existing practical knowledge in the group, for instance in the form of peer-to-peer advising. The BBE Automotive training specialists assume the role of motivator and moderator. Together with the participants they draw up practicable concepts, methods and recommendations for action.

  • Sales training

    Our training courses for salespeople revolve around the (potential) customer: How big is the market and the customer potential of the company? Who are the competitors and what do they offer? Which customer groups or types exist in the industry or the sector? How and by which means of communication can they be reached and addressed? What form should a sales talk take?

    The theoretical contents, methods and tools conveyed are enhanced by practical exercises during the training sessions (e.g. role plays), with coaching at the workplace where appropriate.

    The training programmes for salespeople focus on providing a comprehensive overview, whilst advanced training courses deal with specific issues, such as conducting price negotiations or conflict management.

  • Training for staff with customer contact

    When all is said and done, every member of your staff is in a direct or indirect way a representative of your company towards the customer. It therefore makes sense to communicate an image of the company and the industry to all your staff, and to train them in “dealing with customers”.

  • Pro(fit) Clubs

    With its Pro(fit) Clubs, BBE Automotive provides a platform for companies and executives to compare notes with colleagues and gather best-practice experience at regular intervals, in general once or twice a year.

    Besides analysing the management performance indicators in a small group and identifying specific alternatives for action, varying prime topics relevant to the participants are addressed. The BBE training specialists moderate the group, providing additional input where necessary. The meetings can be held at various venues, for instance alternately at a participant’s location.

    The Pro(fit) Club gives the participating companies individual and specific feedback, identifying where potential for optimization lies.

  • Workshops

    Our market and consumer insights deliver a vast amount of knowledge. Let us share this with you! We can organize workshops in which we together identify the potential for your company resulting from our findings on the market, competitors and consumers.

  • Coaching

    To consolidate or brush up knowledge it is helpful to put it to everyday use. That’s why our training specialists/coaches come to your workplace and train your staff in their working environment. This enables potentials to be identified for each individual and put to the test in practical situations. Be it talking to staff, phoning customers or direct personal contact with the customer: our training specialists/ coaches support you and give valuable feedback

  • Speeches

    Benefit from our keynote speeches on topical issues and the knowledge gained in the course of our market research consulting and training activities. We will gladly visit you or participate in an event organized by your company (in-house fair, members’ meeting etc.) to provide new impulses for initiating the necessary steps towards securing your business success.