E-mobility, digitalisation, new mobility concepts and sustainable change of core business fields in retail characterise the development in the automotive industry. Business models are changing at all levels, new ideas and solutions are being developed.

This applies to training and coaching as well as to individual support of transformation processes. BBE Automotive is facing these extraordinary industry challenges. In the first half of 2023, BBE Automotive Training & Coaching was transferred to AUTOCON GmbH. With this step we ensure the professional concentration on the Training & Coaching Business. In addition, we ensure the targeted and future-oriented expansion of our portfolio as well as personnel reinforcement by proven automotive experts. Our goal is to support the automotive industry in the best possible way in its transformation with a targeted range of services.

Further Information:  https://autocon.eu/training.html

 (Training) formats

  • Training courses for executives and young professionals

    Are you prepared for commerce and work 4.0.?

    We offer special programmes to build specifically on the management quality in the company and prepare young professionals for management. The learning units deal theoretically and practically (for instance through practical training periods in the company) with everything to do with management: e.g. role and tasks of the manager, staff assignment, corporate and sales management, self-management etc.

    In the executive training courses we draw on the existing practical knowledge in the group, for instance in the form of peer-to-peer advising. The BBE Automotive training specialists assume the role of motivator and moderator. Together with the participants they draw up practicable concepts, methods and recommendations for action.

  • Sales training

    Our training courses for salespeople revolve around the (potential) customer: How big is the market and the customer potential of the company? Who are the competitors and what do they offer? Which customer groups or types exist in the industry or the sector? How and by which means of communication can they be reached and addressed? What form should a sales talk take?

    The theoretical contents, methods and tools conveyed are enhanced by practical exercises during the training sessions (e.g. role plays), with coaching at the workplace where appropriate.

    The training programmes for salespeople focus on providing a comprehensive overview, whilst advanced training courses deal with specific issues, such as conducting price negotiations or conflict management.

  • Training for staff with customer contact

    When all is said and done, every member of your staff is in a direct or indirect way a representative of your company towards the customer. It therefore makes sense to communicate an image of the company and the industry to all your staff, and to train them in “dealing with customers”.

  • Pro(fit) Clubs

    With its Pro(fit) Clubs, BBE Automotive provides a platform for companies and executives to compare notes with colleagues and gather best-practice experience at regular intervals, in general once or twice a year.

    Besides analysing the management performance indicators in a small group and identifying specific alternatives for action, varying prime topics relevant to the participants are addressed. The BBE training specialists moderate the group, providing additional input where necessary. The meetings can be held at various venues, for instance alternately at a participant’s location.

    The Pro(fit) Club gives the participating companies individual and specific feedback, identifying where potential for optimization lies.

  • Workshops

    Our market and consumer insights deliver a vast amount of knowledge. Let us share this with you! We can organize workshops in which we together identify the potential for your company resulting from our findings on the market, competitors and consumers.

  • Coaching

    To consolidate or brush up knowledge it is helpful to put it to everyday use. That’s why our training specialists/coaches come to your workplace and train your staff in their working environment. This enables potentials to be identified for each individual and put to the test in practical situations. Be it talking to staff, phoning customers or direct personal contact with the customer: our training specialists/ coaches support you and give valuable feedback

  • Speeches

    Benefit from our keynote speeches on topical issues and the knowledge gained in the course of our market research consulting and training activities. We will gladly visit you or participate in an event organized by your company (in-house fair, members’ meeting etc.) to provide new impulses for initiating the necessary steps towards securing your business success.